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Why Martec?

Dual Approach

Martec digs deeper and asks the question “why?” to understand the motivations for market behavior. We combine qualitative and quantitative aspects of research to find the reason behind the numbers.

Subject Matter Experts

You'll be able to hear from anyone in the value chain - and we mean anyone. Martec has a history of successfully finding the right people to talk to, from installers to strategic decision makers at OEMs.

Competitive Intelligence

Gain an understanding of your broadening competitive landscape, be more informed in your partnership evaluations, and know who is funding which technologies.

Collaborative Process

Have a say in the process, and ensure that the research being done meets your goals and objective. Martec employs an iterative, consultative approach to every project, from start to end.

Advancing Technologies

Stay abreast of ever-evolving and changing technologies, such as electrification, mobility and autonomy. Analyze consumer confidence and OEM adoption of these technology trends.

Emotion Intelligence

Gain a deeper understanding of the emotional drivers that influence automotive purchase decisions, whether it's a consumer purchasing a car or an OEM procurement team buying parts.

"I wish we had these findings [from Martec's study] 6 months earlier. We would have saved a lot of time and money."


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