A longtime advisor to our business, Dave Haviland of Phimation, released a report on the COVID-19 economic forecast that shares some interesting perspectives and insights. In summary, Phimation’s report analyzed the question: “What does the next year look like?”

By breaking down the question into smaller component parts, the report highlights eight drivers of the COVID-19 economic future. It also sheds light on business leaders’ collective insights into how these drivers will play out. Fifty business leaders were surveyed.
COVID-19 economic impact drivers
Key findings include:

  1. The near-term view has gotten substantively more positive, driven by higher numbers across the board, but especially in views of Social Interaction, Consumer Spending, Government Help, and Public Health Control.
  2. The views of Q4 2020 and Q1 2021 have held about the same month over month.
  3. The trajectory of improvement has flattened because of the better view of the near-term.

As Haviland explains, “The point of this report is not to find ‘the answer,’ but to provide leadership teams with a discussion tool as they consider what the next year holds, and how they should orient their investments and actions.”

If your business is grappling with similar questions about how to move forward, we encourage you to take a look at the study by visiting Phimation’s webpage on COVID-19 resources, here.

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