Customer Experience
Unlock Sentiment.

Gain a deeper understanding of what motivates your customer to buy and what keeps them coming back for more.

The Customer Experience is an emotional experience, relying far less on logic or necessity and far more on gut instincts. Emotions are personal and vary from customer to customer. And now, more than ever, those customers are expecting and demanding more personalized experiences. Brands will live and die by creating and maintaining customer experiences that build loyalty and garner positive social feedback. But how do they crack the code of reading and understanding the emotions of CX?

The Martec Group is steeped in years of Emotional Intelligence research, and we’ve used that deep knowledge base to create our proprietary Emotional Intelligence Tools for decoding the emotional components of CX.

Our proven methodology employs Emotion Detecting or multi-dimensional sentiment analysis, using existing research/data (i.e., transcripts from focus groups or open-ended survey data), Emotion Discovery which plugs into primary research, and Emotion Monitoring of “community” content data (social media and review sites). The data gained by using any of these tools can be effectively used to reframe any aspect of CX from branding and messaging to actual products and experiences.

Open ending questioning is a crucial component to the Martec Emotion Score (MES), a more balanced method for conducting market research. MES is able to capture and analyze language from nearly anywhere including specific surveys and online product reviews. MES is fully customizable and will seamlessly plug into existing surveys from vendors such as Qualtrics or Nielsen and offers clients the ability to not only extract emotion-based data from CX but to correlate to other data points in the survey.

MES allows us to dig deep into Peak-End Theory, which represents the height of emotions felt during the entirety of the Customer Experience. We can capture the voices of customers to hear exactly how they feel at different points feel throughout their journey with your brand—be it an interaction with customer service or an in-store experience. Once we qualify how your customers feel, it will allow you to take those emotions, be they pleasant or unpleasant, and strategize a more idealized CX for them by fixing maximizing what’s working and minimizing what isn’t.

The importance of the Customer Experience can’t be understated or underestimated but, now more than ever, it can be understood through advanced data and research. The Martec Group has the tools to make this happen for your brand. Let’s have a conversation about how we can help you understand your customers like never before.

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