Copper market competitive analysis

*Note: This press release by the International Copper Association originally appeared on the AZO Materials blog. Read the full post here.

Martec recently worked on a project with the International Copper Association to provide competitive intelligence in the Metals & Alloys market, and we are excited to share a few highlights. The study, led by Keith Miller, revealed insights into why alternatives to copper have yet to take hold of a larger percentage of the market. The increasing demand for copper is spurred primarily by the appliance industry, particularly in China and India, where the developing middle class is purchasing appliances at an accelerated rate.

Copper is Material of Choice for Appliances

Here’s an excerpt from the ICA press release:

“When it comes to heat transferability, ease of welding, corrosion resistance and much more, copper outperforms potential alternatives,” said study author Keith Miller, Director, The Martec Group. “Copper is tried and tested; embedded in the design of a number of components such as the wire harness and power cords. Moreover, manufacturers are extremely cautious in making the significant investment needed to explore alternatives.”

High use of copper in appliances ovensKeith recently presented at ICA’s London workshop, “Copper: The Building Block of the Energy Transition” and will be presenting at ICA’s Asia Copper Conference in Shanghai next month, November 15th. You can find more details about the upcoming event on the ICA website here.

If you are attending, please set up a time to connect with Keith to discuss your competitive analysis needs. He can be reached at

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