Market Research During COVID-19

We want to reassure our clients and partners that market research is being done and, in fact, it is a good time to do research.

Amidst the uncertainty surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic, we at Martec want to reassure our clients, partners, and those in the business world of one key point: market research is being executed successfully and it’s an important time to conduct strategic engagements! Despite the uncertain times, market research is continuing on – in fact, we’re seeing better response rates from respondents and a continued willingness to complete research from the majority of our customers. Particularly in the B2B space, we have found that respondents are more available and willing to be interviewed with less competing priorities. This recent study by M3 Global Research shows that many respondents in the healthcare industry, for example, are happy to participate in market research.

While being sensitive to the heightened circumstances, we feel it is our duty as researchers to continue the work that will be critical in adapting business practices post-pandemic. We do, of course, have an awareness of the environments we’re going into while conducting research today, and an understanding of the ways people are feeling right now. In fact, we are conducting our own Emotion Intelligence studies to better equip ourselves with knowledge about which emotions in particular are running high and how this impacts the baseline that our Martec Emotion Score relies upon.

Here’s how we’ve adjusted and/or advised our clientele to adjust:

Due to our history in working with these online tools, we have strong partnerships with the likes of iTracks, Aha! Online, and Fuel Cycle in particular. While these tools provide the means to complete research, we provide the assistance and consulting you need to design and work with these online tools and to translate their data. We’re still here to help you design those surveys, conduct those online focus groups, and understand & transform the raw data into actionable insights.

online qual - online focus group video chat conference call
online qual - online survey work during COVID-19 online qual - conference call work from home during COVID-19

Our clients have shifted quickly from in-person qualitative (e.g. focus groups, product clinics, etc.) to online qualitative methodologies utilizing technology in very engaging ways. At Martec, we have a bench of well-trained moderators at the ready with significant experience in online qual. Client interactions are successfully being handled virtually as we all adjust to working from home.

During these uncertain times, we feel it is still important to continue to do the critical research we’ve been doing for 35+ years. Adaptations to our normal operations were, of course, made and we are lucky enough to have been working with a lot of the necessary online tools for awhile now. We are confident that we as a global community will get through this trying time and emerge on the other side of this with the research & knowledge needed to adapt to the changes that are to come. We hope that everyone stays safe and healthy, and look forward to helping you with any research you need done when you are ready.

A final note: during the pandemic, another key change for the insights industry is access to leading trends, education, and networking typically found at the industry events (Quirks, X4, IIeX, etc.) which have been cancelled/postponed. We recognize the value these events have and we want to do what we can to help out. Our goal is to fill a gap created by the cancellation of these events and to hopefully keep the associated networking and connecting vibrant during these challenging and changing times. Tune in here to gain access to our analysis and reporting from these delayed events as a service to the industry as a whole, and enter your email below if you’d like to receive our newsletter on “Best Of” industry insights.

As always, you can reach us by email or call Chuck Bean – Partner (248-327-8005) at any time. If you have any questions, please reach out via our contact us page!

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