Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence: How Humans and Machines Work Together

With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more prominent in market research, insights professionals are thinking about all the time spent writing surveys, conducting in-depth interviews, moderating focus groups and generating reports and they’re imagining all the time that could be saved. This is what AI is striving toward: saving time.

Cost is also a major reason to use AI. By its very nature, it performs repetitive and easy tasks quicker than humans. AI already can parse massive amounts of open source data, like seeing what words are associated with each other, doing sentiment analysis, and a few other things. In due time, it will be able to go beyond those sources and gather meaning from published pieces, which will reduce research costs even further.

But there are things that machines do well, and things they don’t. And until machines can understand nuance, context and emotion, we need to be realistic about what can be truly outsourced to the automatons, and what needs to be kept in-house with the flesh-and-blood. We need to leverage modern technology so we can save time, money and tedium in our processes. But let’s not fire humans from doing what we still do best…and that’s understand other humans. We call this “Augmented Intelligence”: leveraging artificial intelligence and applying human understanding and analysis to optimize market research outcomes.

Below are some of our favorite AI thought leaders and content. We hope this proves helpful and we also encourage you to check out some of our own thoughts on AI.

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