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The most valuable insights come from listening to your customers, forming a strategic blend of both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to capture a holistic understanding of behavior and motivations.

You can never truly capture the voice of a customer if you don’t actually listen to his or her voice. Voice of Customer (VoC) research is what it says it is. It is research to capture the true voice of actual human beings to better measure and understand customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and the motivations behind action. And the qualitative component to market research is as critical today as it’s ever been.

The ways we as researchers get people to share qualitative insights is simple: We ask them! However the way we ask is fundamentally changing driven by technology and innovative methodologies, spurred on by the current Covid-19 pandemic and the elimination of in-person techniques and travel budgets. Below are a few of our favorite thought leaders and pieces of content that are shaping how we conduct qualitative research.

And to address the “too much to read” complaint often encountered with qualitative techniques, keep in mind: We have machines for that now, too. Sophisticated AI technologies are able to read, process and decipher qualitative inputs in a fraction of the time (and cost) it used to require.

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