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Generating accurate models relies upon effective triangulation of available data

A common concern with market research is the belief that too many of the findings focus on the past and “growth forecasts” often are based on gut feeling, not data; or at minimum are simple straight-line forecasts based upon historical data. It’s common for researchers to describe “where the hockey puck has been,” but as one of our clients routinely says, “I know where the puck has been, I want to know where it’s going to be.”

Generating proactive and predictive insights, such as forecast modeling and predictive analytics for consumer behavior are not new techniques but going “beyond the numbers” is key to creating predictive insights that is accurate and truly actionable. Over Martec’s 35-plus years, we’ve learned that an effective model will combine traditional data-driven insights with in-depth qualitative triangulation. This serves to qualify the data forecast and create a more realistic, industry-based assessment of future trends. This is particularly helpful in B2B markets where few published long-term forecasts are available.

We’ve compiled some of the most helpful thought leaders and source material on this subject below. We hope that you find these helpful and as always, we’re here to answer any questions or provide our perspective.

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