The study of human emotions is one of the oldest forms of research. Psychologists, parents, teachers, business leaders and politicians long have pined to understand the emotional triggers behind the decision making process of patients, children, students, customers and voters. Ultimately, we all feel the need to understand why people make the decisions they make and how we can tap into the emotional drivers of those decisions.

Until today understanding those emotional triggers has always been an expensive and time-consuming process; but, that has changed with the recently announced partnership between The Martec Group and Emotion Mining™ Company, Inc.


As Emotion Mining™ Company’s exclusive market research partner, Martec will provide clients with market and customer intelligence derived from a revolutionary emotion-based methodology that captures and classifies the subconscious emotions that drive meaningful customer engagements.

Through this collaboration, Martec and Emotion Mining™ will enable clients to explore the deeply-rooted thoughts and feelings of their customers’ subconscious. These thoughts and feelings often cannot be verbally expressed, yet they influence over three-quarters of the decision making process. Insights into these emotions will allow clients to achieve greater marketplace differentiation, increase customer engagement and gain a strategic advantage within the competitive landscape.

“We’re excited to partner with Martec as we focus our combined energies serving a broader range of customers with industry-leading market research that detects subconscious emotions.”
– Satish Jha
CEO & President, Emotion Mining™ Company

The Martec and Emotion Mining™ partnership melds Martec’s market research expertise with Emotion Mining’s patented technology to reliably capture, analyze and prioritize conscious and subconscious truths across a variety of customer personas and constituencies. The web-based technology is scalable, quick and provides greater insights than conventional research methodologies. This pioneering technology is applicable for a wide variety of B2B and B2C research engagements and has capabilities that will lead to highly influential data and intelligence.

“When you think about it, emotions play a part in every single decision an individual makes. While factors like price or quality are ‘top of mind’ of one’s conscious thoughts, what happens when there are multiple products or services that appear to provide equal value? The decision ultimately comes down to the passions and aspirations in one’s subconscious.”
– Jim Durkin
Founder & President, The Martec Group

In the coming weeks and months, Martec staff will be providing further information about the Martec/Emotion Mining™ partnership; benefits of gathering “emotional intelligence”; case studies on ground-breaking emotional research and much more. Stayed tuned for further insights.
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