In the coming weeks and months, the creative minds within The Martec Group will step out from behind our curtain to share what we are passionate about. From automotive industry pontifications to energy market indicators to emotional research and neuroscience technologies, readers will be offered a snapshot into our internal knowledge base and expertise.

The purpose of these posts will be to educate and entertain, as well as to spark intelligent conversations about issues affecting the industries we care about. We’ll offer a wide variety of perspectives with content generated by Boomer senior staff (our leadership team has over 250 years of market research experience) as well as our Millennial analysts. We’ll provide insights into the latest methods and tools we’re using and how you can enhance your own skills with respect to market research.

We’re excited to begin sharing our experience and insights. We hope that you find our musings enlightening and that you learn something along the way. We look forward to hearing back from you with comments, ideas and topics for consideration.

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