As a business development professional, I utilize research on a daily basis. I research prospective clients, industry happenings, news and events, as well as activities of client companies, to name only a few areas where research is key to my function. Typically this information is easily attainable and may, in fact, qualify me for the “World’s Best ‘Googler'” award. However, the research most business development folks utilize is what is known as secondary research.

Secondary research is the collection and synthesis of existing research or information. Thankfully there are folks out there that put together press releases and internet blogs that quench the simple research thirst that fulfill the basic needs already mentioned.

However I work with a team of amazingly talented market research professionals who are skilled at the art of primary research. The concept is not difficult to grasp but the need for it is tremendous, the results can be monumental in aiding to achieve strategic goals and the skill set is very specialized and fairly uncommon. It IS one of the things that makes The Martec Group so incredible.
Primary research is the “straight from the horse’s mouth” research, in simple terms. It is the actual collection of data by means of interviews, surveys, observations, ethnographic research, and the like. The information comes directly from a specified user community and provides the best insights into market assessment, product evaluation, new product strategy, customer pain points, etc. It takes the “I think…” out of your strategic planning and changes it to “We now know…”. That is information you won’t find via your favorite internet search engine.

When we couple our primary research findings with the secondary research knowledge that we have in the industries where we possess expertise, the results are proven, effective market research that moves our clients forward in a focused, confident manner.

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